Sunday, March 23, 2008

Detroit Tigers Update

Well, forget what I said in an earlier post about the Tigers window to succeed being two years - they just signed Miguel Cabrera to an 8 year $153.3M contract. I really didn't expect them to sign him long-term for two reasons: 1) Detroit isn't a high revenue team like the Yankees or Red Sox and they already have multiple high dollar contracts; and 2) Cabrera might have gotten the biggest contract in MLB history if he'd waited for free agency.

My guess is that the first of those issues might be explained by the structure of the contract. I would guess that Cabrera's new contract is backloaded quite a bit so that he is still relatively cheap for the next two years. That way, big money guys like Sheffield and Ordonez will drop off the payroll just as Cabrera's big money kicks in.

The second of the issues, I suppose, comes down to whether Cabrera was willing to gamble on his health and effectiveness for the next two years. If he stays healthy and continues his current level of production, I think he would have been looking at A-Rod level money. But $19M in the hand is worth how many in the bush?

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