Friday, July 11, 2008

Daily Links - 7/11/08

While I agree with this post from the Fire Joe Morgan guys in principle (sacrifice bunting is often the wrong move to make), their irony/sarcasm is a little too subtle when mentioning Nate McLouth's bunting ("He probably hasn't been asked to bunt in a real game in years, given that he is an awesome hitter, and bunting is stupid for awesome hitters."), as he has two sac bunts on the year this year and ten in his 371 major league games played. Regardless, note that the two posts below the Nate McLouth post are from earlier this year and are all-time classics.

I really like both Evan Longoria and Corey Hart, but they clearly were not the right choices for the final all star roster spots.

This post raises some interesting points about the Hall of Fame. While I don't agree that we shouldn't base enshrinement on statistics, I do think there should be a much higher standard to get in.

There are some interesting names in this list of starting pitchers that might be available at the trade deadline. There are a number of those guys that might be valuable down the stretch and wouldn't require a top tier prospect to acquire.

This is Chris O'Leary's revised explanation of the 'Inverted W' in pitching mechanics.

Shysterball writes about Jorge Posada's positional complaints and he links to It Is About The Money's take on the same topic - raising an intresting point about Derek Jeter in the process.

And finally, Joe Posnanski (the best sportswriter in America) discusses Batting Runs.

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