Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Daily Links - 7/9/08

I think there are three distinct 'hot periods' in the baseball season when everyone is talking about baseball and the internet is buzzing with baseball rumors and opinions. The first period is Spring Training through Opening Day. It can last a couple of weeks into the season at times, but everyone that writes about baseball (including me) feasts during that time because there are so many available stories to write: season predictions, rookies making the club, veterans trying a comeback, etc. The second period is the trading deadline, for obvious reasons. We have entered the second period a bit early this season, with the Sabathia and Harden deals happening before the All Star break. It will be interesting to see if the momentum will hold up through July 31.

Oh, and the third period is the pennant race/playoffs, naturally. Now, on to the links.

It is amazing that the best sportswriter in America primarily covers the Kansas City Royals. It might be difficult to believe, but his blog is actually better than his columns. This one tells a historical tale that I had not heard before.

Here is a blogger's reaction to the Harden trade from the perspective of the only NL Central contender not to make a huge trade this week: the Cardinals.

Christina Kahrl gives the Baseball Prospectus breakdown of the Rich Harden trade. She asks the question that popped into my head immediately when I heard the package of players going to Oakland: Where is Felix Pie? [subscription only]

Tangotiger has a response to the Paul DePodesta blog entry that I linked to yesterday. I chortled.

Here is a quick list of the first round draft picks that have signed and what they are doing so far in their professional debuts.

And finally, The Big Lead does a side-by-side comparison between the Brewers and Cubs starting rotations. With Harden and Sheets prominently involved, they should have included a section for each team's training staff.

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