Monday, July 14, 2008

Daily Links - 7/14/08

The All Star festivities kicked off on Sunday with the Futures Game, which is odd since all of the Major League teams still had games. I, for one, was really interested in the game and it is my impression that the number of fans following the minor leagues and watching prospects is growing exponentially. It doesn't make sense to me, then, that the showcase game of the season for the brightest prospects (supposedly, there were issues getting in the way of some of the brightest prospects playing) is buried on ESPN on Sunday afternoon amidst a full slate of big league games. Regardless, it was interesting and here is Joe Sheehan's take on the game.

Also from Baseball Prospectus, here is an interesting Q & A with one of the best pitchers in baseball, Brandon Webb.

Over the weekend Joe Posnanski, TBSWIA, gave tribute to Bobby Murcer.

The Home Run Derby is tonight and here is a post that breaks down the idea that participants are ripe for a second half letdown.

And SkyKing posts about why we should be interested in watching each of tonights participants.

Tangotiger takes a look at why the AL is a better league than the NL.

This article on Fan Graphs discusses some pitchers whose performance is due for some regression after the All Star break.

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