Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Daily Links - 7/23/08

So, uh, that potential trade that I talked about yesterday that didn't seem to make any sense? It actually happened. I share Fetch's sentiment about not knowing what the Astros are doing and Tangotiger is even more harsh in his analysis.

TBSWIA, Joe Posnanski asked a good question the other day: how many great seasons does it take for a player to be considered great? He then went about answering that question. He posted a follow up that probably is better than his first attempt at answering the question. Also, there is an update in this post to a Stan Musial story he told a few days ago.

Baseball Prospectus has a running feature around the trading deadline called 'The Mill'. They haven't exactly started it up yet, but Will Carroll is posting trade rumors in a buildup to the beginning of The Mill.

The Baseball Digest Daily opines that the Mets lost because the Phillies outsmarted them.

The Cubs and Cardinals lost last night, meaning that the Brewers moved within a game of the lead in the NL Central, while the Cardinals stayed two games back. The Cubs are slumping and this division race keeps getting tighter.

This post describes the concept of "vulture wins" and gives a leaderboard for individuals and teams.


thecollegehockeyblog said...

I'm absolutely honored you referred to me by name

roarke said...

Heh - the true honor is that you got top billing over Joe Posnanski.