Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Daily Links - 7/29/08

The Mill is up and running at the Baseball Prospectus. If rumors are true, then the Braves are going to give up Mark Teixeira for Chad Tracy and a middling prospect, which is quite a step down from what they gave up for him last year. Since he didn't help them get to the playoffs in either year in which they possessed him, it is clear that trading for him didn't work out too well.

The first question in this round table includes a much better option for Arizona than Teixeira: Adam Dunn. They mention a couple of players that really make sense in trades, but aren't being talked about.

The history/myth of the Cal Ripken, Jr. as the first power hitter middle infielder is chronicled here.

The Francisco Liriano situation is sort of unbelievable. If the Twins legitimately feel like he isn't one of the best five starting pitchers in their organization, then I think they are crazy. If they have an excess of talent, right now would be the perfect time to trade one of these pitchers that have been pitching well to pick up another needed piece.

Peter Gammons has some harsh analysis of the Manny Ramirez situation, questioning not only his motivation (money) but also his competitive desire. The Red Sox receive so much media coverage that I tend to tune it out, so I missed that Manny has been skipping games with his "injuries" only when the opposing pitcher happens to be Cy Young quality.

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