Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Daily Links - 7/22/08

I wonder if Dave O'Brien has ever heard of Fire Joe Morgan. I hope not. I hope that someone at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution goes up to Dave's desk this morning and says "Hey, did you see Fire Joe Morgan this morning?" And he says, "What's that?" And they say, "It's a really funny website, you should check it out." And then he does a quick Google search and seconds later is smacked in the face by this.

I'm using this link to Joe Sheehan's second half preview of the National League as a way to let you know that this is a free week of Baseball Prospectus. If you aren't a subscriber, take this week and read all the articles. Then hang your head in shame for calling yourself a baseball fan and not having a subscription. Then pay for a subscription.

Here is a potential trade that makes no sense to me whatsoever. The Astros? They have played better than I thought they would, but they are 12 games back in their division and Roy Oswalt is headed to the DL - they can't give up prospects for Randy Wolf, can they?

John Sickels reviews his top twenty prospects for the Tampa Bay Rays. Even if you aren't interested in the Rays, go to Sickel's blog and look around, because he is reviewing his top twenty prospect lists for every team.

John Donovan says that the NL Central is the race to watch this season. With the Cubs and Brewers loading up for the stretch run, the Cardinals hanging tough and all three teams within 2 games of each other, Donovan's point is hard to argue.

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