Thursday, July 17, 2008

Daily Links - 7/17/08

Finally we will be back to having regular season games to watch tonight. The day after the All Star game is one of the worst days for sports all year - none of the four major sports have any games going on. I'm sure that isn't the only day of the year that happens because I'm sure in February there are days when there aren't any NBA or NHL games, but with nothing else in season right now, the All Star break just seems to drag. Anyway, we are thankfully past it and back to games every night.

Now, on to the links:

Joe Posnanski (TBSWIA) writes a post about dead stadiums (AL Edition). I have only been to four dead stadiums, myself: Tiger Stadium, the Astrodome, Milwaukee County Stadium and Busch Stadium II. Tiger Stadium is probably the #3 coolest stadium that I've ever visited, behind Wrigley Field and Fenway Park. Just for the fun of it, I've also seen major league games at Camden Yards, Turner Field, Yankee Stadium, Jacobs Field, New Comisky (or Cell Phone Park or whatever they are calling it), Coors Field, Busch Stadium III, and Kaufman Stadium.

The Fire Joe Morgan guys fire away on Murray Chass' new blog, wherein Chass professes his hatred for blogs and other curmudgeony nonsense.

Ok, this is completely ridiculous, but it made me laugh pretty hard, so forgive me for a little goofiness this time.

This is an interesting look at what might have happened in recent years if baseball didn't have interleague play and an unbalanced schedule.

Here is a quick and easy post about the team leaders in runners left on base. There is a passing reference at the end to why this supposedly negative stat isn't necessarily a bad thing.

The Big Lead (and commenters) give their predictions for the second half of the season.

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